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A roadmap to securitisation in Luxembourg

The Securitisation Law creates a trusted and sound balance between the protection of the interests of the investors and those of the creditors of Securitisation Undertakings.

Luxembourg has for long been at the forefront of the trends and evolutions relating to the financial markets and structured finance environment. It grew to become a well-established financial centre in Europe with worldwide recognition, known as one of the world’s safest and business friendly environment. Issuers and investors in Luxembourg benefit from comprehensive and stable regulatory and tax frameworks, in line with European Union directives and regulations.

Securitisation Undertakings subject to the Securitisation Law continue to benefit from one of the most flexible and favourable legal framework in the world. Despite the inflation of financial regulations witnessed over the last years, the Luxembourg securitisation environment shaped by the Securitisation Law continues to offer an extremely attractive and robust solution for asset-backed and refinancing structures.

Our Luxembourg team created a roadmap to securitisation in Luxembourg. Click here for the roadmap.

Marc Wintgens AKD's new Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Marc Wintgens, board member at AKD, has been appointed Head of Diversity & Inclusion of the firm. His appointment is part of AKD's mission to create a firm-wide long-term diversity and inclusion plan.  "Diversity and Inclusion must become ingrained in our firm's culture and in the choices we make", according to Marc.

More than just a fancy text on our website

We are putting a lot of effort into making our firm more diverse and inclusive, which is far from an easy job”, according to Marc. He continues: “Diversity & Inclusion is more than just a policy document and a fancy text on our external website. We feel that what we are currently doing is not enough. Diversity and Inclusion must become ingrained in our firm’s culture and in the choices we make”.