AKD advises WIBA IT founder on the sale of WIBA IT to Maandag®

July 20, 2021

AKD has assisted the founder of WIBA IT with the sale of WIBA IT to Maandag®. The acquisition will cement the position of Maandag® as a market leader, enabling it to meet the rapidly growing demand for high-end IT profiles, such as analysts, software developers, cloud engineers and data specialists. In addition, Maandag® aims to broaden its services by better serving the commercial domain in the Netherlands as well. WIBA IT will be fully integrated into the Maandag® organisation, the takeover broadening its scope of service to include the customers of Maandag®.

About Maandag®

Maandag® has been a leading secondment agency in the public domain in the Netherlands for more than 30 years, with 46 branches in 15 cities and over 4,000 professionals working in healthcare, education and the public sector on a daily basis. In addition, Maandag® is active under the Whoohoo brand in the field of life science and engineering in Belgium and IT in Poland.


WIBA IT was founded in 2007 and is a nationally operating IT intermediary for HBO and WO IT specialists within the Software Development Life Cycle and focuses on A brands in various sectors (energy, financial, insurance, logistics, healthcare, industry). With a network of more than 7,000 freelancers and a large network of specialized partners, WIBA IT is able to match the best IT professionals with the best clients.

The Dutch press release can be found here.

The AKD team was led by Nathalie van Woerkom and further consisted of Mariëlle van Winden-Spaans, Rosanne Vlasveld and Rianne Wessels.