AKD assists in setting up a partnership between Bosman B.V. and Mosadex Groep

October 3, 2023

AKD has assisted in setting up a partnership between Bosman B.V. and Mosadex Groep, pursuant to which Bosman B.V. has acquired a majority interest in ApotheekZorg Hulpmiddelen B.V.

As providers of medical supplies, ApotheekZorg Hulpmiddelen and Bosman, part of Asker Healthcare Group, join forces to provide medical care in the neighbourhood and to step up their cooperation in primary care.

ApotheekZorg Hulpmiddelen supports over 800 local pharmacists in the Netherlands with medical aid care and provides care to the patient directly and through local pharmacies. They have a team of healthcare professionals specialising in nutritional drinks, diabetes, wound and incontinence care. The company enables people to experience a better quality of life through advice and the provision of medical supplies directly to the patient or through the trusted local pharmacy.

The European Asker Healthcare Group strives to be the leading healthcare group in Europe in medical supplies, devices and equipment by building and acquiring companies that support the healthcare system to improve overall patient welfare. Asker Healthcare Group has established a growth platform consisting of strong local players, including Bosman and MediReva in the Netherlands.

The AKD team consisted of Nick van Dijk and Marc Anker. Other advisers in this deal were Asker Healthcare Group’s inhouse legal department, Mosadex’s inhouse legal department, DeBreij and Florent.

The press release can be found here (Dutch).

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