AKD assists Probo shareholders with sale of shares to a jointly controlled investment vehicle

September 19, 2023

AKD has assisted the shareholders of Probo with the sale of their shares to an investment vehicle jointly controlled by NPM Capital and the shareholders of Probo.

About Probo Holding

Probo, founded in 2001, offers a unique online platform allowing print professionals to order customised printed products, such as banners, flags, stickers, posters, wall decorations and textiles.

About NPM Capital

NPM Capital is an investment company that supports and builds medium to large sized Benelux companies.

Headed by Nathalie van Woerkom, the AKD team consisted of Mickey Engel, Valéry Schaap, Ludo Luijks, Maud Plattel and Joost Houdijk.

The full press release can be read here.