AKD assists Uniphar with the acquisition of BModesto Group

November 25, 2022

AKD has assisted Uniphar plc with the acquisition of BModesto Group.

Irish-listed healthcare group Uniphar has acquired Dutch pharmaceutical services business BModesto Group in a deal worth EUR 75 million.

The purchase price includes an upfront payment of EUR 51 million, plus a deferred consideration payment of up to EUR 24 million contingent upon the achievement of EBITDA and Gross Profit based performance targets. The BModesto team recognises the enhanced opportunity to continue to grow the business as part of Uniphar and remains fully engaged as a core part of the global business going forward.

The company, which will be attached to Uniphar’s product access division, generated an EBITDA of EUR 7,7 million in 2021. It is expected to generate a return on capital employed of between 12 per cent and 15 per cent, “in line with Uniphar’s target rate”, within three years, the company said in a statement.

About BModesto Group

BModesto Group is a Dutch healthcare services business focused on improving access to pharmaceutical and healthcare products across the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Europe.

BModesto Group offers a wide range of services including the distribution of medicines on both an exclusive and on-demand basis, clinical trial services, market authorisation holder and medical device distribution.

About Uniphar plc

Uniphar plc is an international diversified healthcare services business, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, servicing the requirements of more than 200 multinational pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers across three divisions (Commercial & Clinical, Product Access and Supply Chain & Retail). Uniphar plc is active in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the US and Australia.

Headed by Nathalie van Woerkom, the AKD team consisted of Renée Alberts, Tycho Heijnsbroek, Niels Hagelstein, Daan ter Wee, Ludo Luijks, Maud Plattel, Mariëlle van Winden, and Micha Voogt.

The full press releases can be found here and click here for an article in FD (Dutch).

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