AKD has advised Berk Partners on the exit of Aarts Packaging by way of a controlled auction sale to Nasdaq-listed TriMas

February 3, 2023

AKD, together with MP Corporate Finance, has advised Berk Partners and management on the controlled auction sale of Aarts Packaging B.V. to Nasdaq-listed TriMas. Aarts Packaging B.V. is a well-established, innovative luxury packaging solutions provider for prestigious beauty and lifestyle brands, such as LVMH.

Berk Partners has stated that the sale was one of the most successful exits that the fund has realised in its 30-year existence.

Headed by Lennart Crain, the AKD team consisted of Jurriaan Puijpe, Jorn de Bruin, Ludo Luijks, Maud Plattel, Remco Bosveld and Daan ter Wee.

More information on the deal: