A solid Japanese network is of paramount importance.

We work with native speakers to ensure that you get the communications and services that best serve your needs. Our services are aimed at Japanese companies wanting to invest in the Benelux and in the rest of Europe, and at Dutch companies wanting to expand in Japan. For example, we have vast experience assisting holding structures and operational companies in the Netherlands. On top of that, we can provide all documents, including notarial instruments, in Japanese.

Based in Amsterdam, our Japan team is at your disposal to help you navigate the Benelux.

At the same time, the team advises Dutch companies on expanding in Japan, through its close working relationships with leading Japanese law firms. AKD has more than 20 years of experience assisting Japanese companies, from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized companies. We have more than 60 Japanese companies in our portfolio, active in a wide range of sectors, entirely in line with our full-service approach.

A solid Japanese network is of paramount importance. DUJAT, the Dutch & Japanese Trade Federation that AKD joined from the outset, enables us, as an active member, to expand our network. AKD also has close ties with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, NFIA, Japanese banks and corporate finance companies.

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