Knowledge of all aspects involved in conducting and completing collective proceedings

AKD is the only law firm in the Benelux countries that has a plaintiff oriented practice dedicated to representing parties affected by large-scale damages cases. Our litigation lawyers are all experts in the field of collective redress in domestic and foreign jurisdictions.

Specialist knowledge
AKD's class action team includes a great number of specialists. They have deep-rooted legal and strategic knowledge of all aspects involved in conducting and completing collective proceedings. Class action cases are often complex for having multidisciplinary and cross-border features while involving multiple parties. As a full-service firm, AKD is eminently capable of bundling the specialist knowledge of our experts into teams that provide clients with innovative and effective solutions. And if push comes to shove, AKD's very own Supreme Court litigation team can take a case to the highest legal instance.

Class action law  come with a variety of codes of conduct and regulations that representative organisations must adhere to. From the moment these organisations are founded, AKD will continuously advise them on how to properly comply with these requirements.

AKD is a trusted adviser in the field of third-party  litigation funding. Our advice is aimed at identifying possible risks that are important for funders when making a good investment decision. We also assist clients in applying for and obtaining external funding.

The legislation pertaining to collective redress action is constantly evolving. Our team regularly publish articles and blogs, are invited to give lectures and take part in round table meetings in this area to contribute to this development from practical expertise..

National and international experience
AKD's class action team is involved in some of the largest collective and group actions in the Netherlands and abroad:

  • The diesel emissions scandal
    The various proceedings that are underway relate to the sale of defective vehicles equipped with prohibited defeat devices by various car manufacturers. We act for affected consumers, companies and investors.

  • The trucks cartel case
    In this case, several truck manufacturers infringed competition law. We act for aggrieved companies.

  • The Wirecard scandal
    A series of accounting scandals resulted in Wirecard’s bankruptcy. AKD represents the interests of investors affected by the scandal.

  • The Meinl Bank settlement
    AKD's experts successfully represented thousands of investors in what is considered the largest banking scandal in the history of Austria, securing a multimillion settlement.
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