Our Restructuring & Insolvency specialists will gladly provide you with advice and assistance in these uncertain times.

How your business can weather the storm
Directors have to face many challenges now. To help you, we have drawn up guidance focussing on specific topics so you can map and manage the risks. Click here for more information.

Going concern principle of the auditor's report
Material events after the balance sheet date may cause serious uncertainties about an entity's ability to continue its operations. In view of the coronavirus developments, and given that the 2019 financial year has closed, it is important to reconsider the going concern assumption. Click here for more information.

Boardroom counselling
As an officer, supervisory director or entrepreneur, you may end up facing challenging, complex situations as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak and the measures taken to combat it. In such situations, you can rely on AKD: your independent legal and strategic adviser, a true sparring partner. Click here for more information.

Directors' and officers' liability
In these financially challenging times, directors and officers must consider the risk of personal liability when making decisions. This article contains key information on this topic. Click here for more information (Dutch only).

Dividend distribution
Given the fact that the coronavirus crisis may have an impact on your company, it may be advisable to take caution when deciding to make new resolutions to distribute dividends that have not been executed yet. Click here for more information.

PLCs and Serious Loss of Capital
In this blog, we will address the obligation of public limited companies [naamloze vennootschappen] to convene an extraordinary general meeting in the event of serious loss of capital, which we will refer to as the “capital loss meeting” [verliesvergadering] for short. Click here for more information.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the experts named below or simply send an email to coronataskforce@akd.eu. Already a client? Then it's simply a matter of phoning or mailing your AKD contact. We look forward to hearing from you.

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