Our Tax specialists will gladly provide you with advice and assistance in these uncertain times.

In fact, AKD has set up a taskforce specifically designed to provide swift and efficient answers to any questions you may have in the wake of the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Our experts have written blogs that may help you on your way. With the rapid spread of the virus and the tightening of measures taken to combat it, parts of these blogs may have been overtaken by the events of the day.

That's why you are more than welcome to contact any of the experts named below or simply send an email to coronataskforce@akd.eu. Already a client? Then it's simply a matter of phoning or mailing your AKD contact. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Latest Belgian Tax Measures in the “Post”-COVID-19 Era

15 Jun 2020 | Blog

Partial Wage Withholding Tax Exemption and Deductible/Non-Taxable Catering Vouchers.

COVID-19 – Luxembourg takes measures to facilitate board and shareholders meetings

26 Mar 2020 | News

These measures are applicable to private and listed Luxembourg companies.

A financial helping hand in times of the coronavirus: can the State do that?

19 Mar 2020 | Blog

We will discuss several exceptions to the state aid prohibition that allow Member States to provide aid for “corona losses”.

Dutch government announces aid package to support companies and workers during coronavirus crisis

18 Mar 2020 | Blog

Exceptional economic and tax measures to support businesses and workers.