A team of committed lawyers boasting comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Measures have been implemented to encourage compliance with employment legislation in such areas as working conditions, minimum wage, sub-contracting and cross-border labour. These measures have shifted duties and responsibilities to employers, who, in the event of non-compliance, are at risk of being fined, of being ‘named and shamed’ or even of having their business shut down, temporarily or permanently.

The Dutch pension system is under pressure. Pension laws and regulations are complex and subject to constant change. AKD assists employers, pension providers, industry pension funds and works councils on a wide range of pension law issues, such as amending pension schemes, switching pension providers (as part of the transfer of an undertaking or otherwise), cancellation of or exemptions from obligatory membership of an industry pension fund, liability for pension loss, etc. 

AKD's Employment & Pensions practice group encompasses a team of committed lawyers boasting comprehensive knowledge and experience. Where necessary, we work together with our colleagues from Tax, Corporate, Privacy and Administrative Law, enabling us to offer you a multidisciplinary solution at all times.

Our lawyers advise on and litigate cases involving employment contracts, dismissals, competition, confidentiality, collective labour agreements and employee participation, special employment relationships, transfer of undertaking, equal treatment, secondment, working hours, working conditions, minimum wage and other types of remuneration, holiday and leave, and more.

We have teams specialising in flexible labour, fraud & compliance, global mobility, industrial relations, pensions, privacy and restructuring.

We also have profound knowledge of employment law pertinent to specific sectors of industry, including the transport sector and the non-profit sector.

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Fraud in the workplace

a case law analysys by Pieter Huys

Just open a newspaper and you will find an article about fraud in the workplace. It is highly relevant topic. Following a recent EY survey on integrity management in the Netherlands, Dutch newspaper “Het Financiële Dagblad” used the headline:"Half of Dutch companies struggle with fraud and corruption”.

Pieter Huys, employment partner at AKD, has written an article in which he analyses published case law concerning fraud in the workplace (Dutch only). Click here to read the article. 

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