Workplace fraud and corruption is the order of the day.

A key factor with any suspicion of workplace fraud or corruption is that the right procedure is followed with due observance of applicable legislation and regulations. This ensures the lawful collection and use of evidence in disciplinary proceedings against the employee(s) concerned. It also serves to reduce ensuing harm and to avoid future repetition.

Our team is highly experienced providing assistance in complex fraud and corruption cases with high business and financial stakes and in the implementation of preventative measures. Rather than focusing only on the complexity of and advice on the collection of evidence, we also assist you in taking and executing measures (including dismissal), seeking compensation and levying attachment. We will also provide guidance if it should come to police action and will liaise with the prosecution office if necessary. Of course, we will assist you in mitigating any tax and privacy related risks and implications. As part of the implementation of measures to prevent fraud and corruption, our multidisciplinary team will draft and assess company rules and protocols. If the law requires the involvement of an employee representative body, our lawyers will assist in the communication with the Works Council.

It is through our multidisciplinary approach that we are able to apply efficient and effective strategies aimed at providing the best assistance to our clients, even where the issue has an international dimension or cross-border aspects.

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