Global labour mobility requires a coherent strategy and meticulous execution.

AKD's Global Mobility team comprises experienced, result-driven lawyers and tax consultants collaborating to create a care-free environment for you to pursue your activities in a seemingly border-free world.

The team can help you design a sustainable mobility strategy for your company, which may include international secondment. They assist you in keeping track of the compliance obligations associated with a globally mobile workforce. Or they will liaise with the various Dutch organisations you need to deal with when running an internationally mobile workforce, including the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), embassies, Nuffic (Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education), and the Tax and Customs Administration If necessary, they will act in court after fines have been imposed, permits have not been granted or in fact revoked, or when terms of employment have not been followed or not been followed correctly.

They have experience applying for work and residence permits under the EU Blue Card scheme or the schemes for highly qualified migrants and intercorporate transferees. In addition, our lawyers can advise on the correct application of terms of employment and social security laws and regulations, and on the tax aspects of working with globally mobile employees, including PAYE tax and corporate tax.

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