We see it as our job to be your guide as you navigate the legal systems of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The size of our team enables our litigators to focus on specific areas of expertise, including corporate law, class actions, post-acquisition disputes, financial litigation and commercial litigation, addressing such topics as general conditions, franchise agreements and product liability. We also boast teams with a market-specific focus, such as international trade, various industries or healthcare. This way, AKD is able to match your international dispute with the most suitable expert.

AKD can assist you in litigating international matters before various venues, including, of course, the Dutch and Belgian courts. In addition, we have experience conducting international arbitrations under the rules of the ICC, the NAI, the SCC and other institutions.

Since 1 January 2019, it is possible to litigate your dispute before the Netherlands Commercial Court, affording you access to the Dutch court system and allowing you to conduct your court case in English. AKD will gladly assist you in such proceedings.

We share our expertise, experiences and knowledge with each other, allowing us to develop an international litigation strategy for your matter. Focusing not solely on possible actions in our own jurisdictions, we are able to address your needs on a European or even global level, with the assistance of international co-counsel if necessary.

Feel free to contact one of the following experts to discuss any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you.

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