We have a comprehensive and successful track record in providing guidance to collective investment institutions.

We can help you with legal advice on investment structures and guidance on investment institutions. These cover 'umbrella funds', private equity/venture capital funds, property funds, hedge funds, feeder funds and fund-of-funds. We specialise in setting up innovative investment structures and providing guidance through the authorisation processes with the relevant authorities for the financial markets.

In-depth industry knowledge
We have a wealth of experience in the industries that we work for, and know what is going on in them. Our focus includes sub-sectors such as:

  • Healthcare: we have extensive industry experience with private care and healthcare. Our experience extends to chains of independent treatment centres (ZBC) and chains of dental practices. Other examples are public/private partnerships (PPP). These include so-called 'care boulevards' and alliances with housing corporations, suppliers for healthcare institutions, and partnerships between management and specialists in healthcare institutions
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Real Estate: we have extensive experience in the property sector, including property used for trading, such as hotels, holiday parks and supermarkets.
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