Any restructuring or reorganisation can be overwhelming.

The advice our specialists provide is always tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a full-service solution enabling you to keep a bird's-eye view of your business in a period of changes, all with a single goal: cost efficiency and gaining understanding for your decisions. 

We contribute ideas to the proposed new structure of your organisation, changes to employment terms, the advisory procedure involving the works council, notifications to and consultations with the UWV, trade unions and other stakeholders, the draft of a redundancy plan, communications with staff, dismissal procedures and the termination of employment contracts.

Where reorganisations involve mass dismissals, AKD deploys ReQuiRe. ReQuiRe - short for "Responsible and Quick Reorganiser” - is a program which AKD developed itself. Providing immediate insight into redundancy criteria and transition or severance payments, ReQuiRe is a true cost saver.

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