Over 100 years’ experience as the go-to firm for more than 100 municipal, provincial and other public and semi-public authorities.

We know from experience that authorities are not satisfied with excellent legal advice alone, they also need advice that takes into account their special position and the political and administrative relations within the system. This requires knowledge and a wealth of experience in the sector. AKD has both.

At AKD, we offer a unique combination of knowledge, experience and understanding of the sector. Besides being recognised experts in their respective fields, our lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advisers are all dyed-in-the-wool professionals conscious of the particular nuances and roles of the parties in the sector. Our lawyers have an acute sense for the political and administrative relations pervading authorities, which they evolved over years of advising both administrators and public officials.

For every possible procedure or request for advice we can provide the expertise required, thus offering a comprehensive service. No matter the area of the law - general administrative law, environmental law, procurement law, contract law, government liability law or public service law -  AKD has your back.

Our expertise
AKD's team consists of over 50 lawyers working from our Amsterdam, Breda, Brussels, Eindhoven and Rotterdam offices, every one of them boasting a specialism of their own. Some lawyers specialise not only in environmental law or general administrative law but have acquired in-depth knowledge of nature conservation law, enforcement law or noise regulation law, to name but a few examples. It enables us to match the right expertise to the problem at hand - any problem.

The way we work
We take pride in our efficient way of working and the clear language of our advice. No needless scientific analyses, just practical, efficient and decisive advice that you can present to the relevant administrator with confidence. We apply the same principle to the way we represent authorities in court. With clarity, conviction and efficiency. That is not just us saying that; our public-sector clients endorse us using those very words.

Are you struggling with a case for which you cannot find a solution within your department? Do you feel the need to bounce an issue off of one of our experts? Then do not hesitate to contact one of our lawyers.

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