Bochove Committee presents report on evaluation of the Dutch Housing Act

November 21, 2018 | News

"The Housing Act is a national off-the-rack suit, which lacks a personal fit"

The Bochove Committee, at the instructions of industry association Aedes, evaluated the Dutch Housing Act (Woningwet). AKD partner Eelkje van de Kuilen is one of the committee members.

The Dutch Housing Act has ensured that housing associations are focussing more on their core tasks, which was one of the intentions. But the national rules the Housing Act imposes are too strict, and do not offer enough room to deliver tailor-made solutions on a local level. This leads to a conflict, because housing policy should be created primarily by municipalities, tenants and housing associations.

The committee assessed both the objectives and the intentions of the Housing Act. According to the committee, the Housing Act has gone too far and presents a framework of strict national rules, compromising social responsibility. "The Housing Act is a national off-the-rack suit, which lacks a personal fit", the committee writes.

The Bochove Committee recommends giving the local triangle of housing associations, municipalities and tenants more room to implement local, tailor-made solutions. The Minister should be given the opportunity to invoke a hardship or experimentation clause to make an exception in difficult or exceptional circumstances.

Click here to read the full report of the Bochove Committee (Dutch only).

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