About Christine Kehrer-Bot

Christine Kehrer-Bot is a lawyer at AKD who focuses on employment law in the widest sense. She advises, litigates and negotiates on (collective) dismissals, reorganisations, employment contracts (including those of directors under the articles), terms and conditions of employment, equal treatment, flexible employment relationships and employer liability.

Within the field of employment law Christine is a specialist on the 'sick employee'. The tangle of legislation and regulations in that area is difficult to figure out and often has significant financial consequences. For that reason she advises large and small (international) employers on civil law and their obligations. During the process she also focuses attention on the related social security aspects.

Christine is a lecturer at the Erasmus School of Law (ESL), the Institute for Employment Law [Instituut voor Arbeidsrecht] (IVA) and the Postgraduate Course in Dutch Employment Law [Post Academische Leergang Arbeidsrecht] (PALA+). She also publishes regularly. She is an annotator for the JAR, co-author of 'Sdu Arbeidsrecht Artikelsgewijs' and is an editor of the journal 'ArbeidsRecht'.

Christine has broad legal knowledge and experience because, as already mentioned, she combines her work at AKD with lecturing, publishing and editing work. Thanks to this background Christine has learned to analyse information and arguments and place them in the right context. She applies her knowledge and skills in practice as a lawyer and it is a combination she enjoys.

In her dealings with clients Christine always tries to look first at the facts and identify the actual problem. After all, that often provides a basis for finding a solution. In the process it is essential to communicate with the client, as well as with the counterparty. During proceedings Christine tries, as necessary, to convince the court of her client's positions.

In her work Christine enjoys thinking strategically and working out legal puzzles without ever losing sight of the human dimension. As far as she is concerned, working towards a satisfactory result is more important than winning legal proceedings. Christine is happy if her client is satisfied and no longer needs her.

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More about

  • University of Leiden: Master of Laws - Civil Law
Admitted to bar
  • The Netherlands
  • Association of Employment Law Lawyers (VvA),  working group on equal opportunities
  • Association of Rotterdam Employment Law Lawyers (VRAA)
Legal practice areas the Netherlands Bar’s register

Christine Kehrer- Bot has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):


  • Employment law


Based on this registration, Christine is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

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