About Eric Vermeulen

Eric Vermeulen is a tax consultant and partner at AKD who specialises in fiscal consultancy for national and international companies. He advises primarily on issues such as international restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, management buyouts, preventing lucrative interests, issues under Box 2 of Dutch tax forms and employee participation.

Eric combines experience with financial aspects in the world of valuations and acquisitions with knowledge of tax issues. This means he quickly and thoroughly understands the fiscal feasibility of acquisitions and participating interests of private equity, management, employees and family members. Eric consequently maintains frequent contact with the valuation experts of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. Clients appreciate his fast, pragmatic approach, his helicopter view and the short lines of communication.

Eric is a lecturer at the Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University and the Nyenrode Business University. At both universities he gives lessons as part of the Business Valuation Programme on all the fiscal aspects of acquisitions.

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