About Harmke Brouwer

Harmke Brouwer advises and litigates in the field of transport insurance law.

Harmke specialises in insurance law, having obtained a doctorate with a thesis titled “Eigen gebrek in het transportverzekeringsrecht”. She regularly publishes articles on subjects concerning insurance law, including transport insurance law. Harmke is a member of the Dutch Association for Insurance Research (Vereniging voor Verzekerings-Wetenschap), the Amsterdam Centre for Insurance Studies, the Amsterdamse Beurs Brand Sociëteit (A.B.B.S.) and of the Marine Insurance Associates Nederland (MIA Nederland). She is also a member of the editorial board of Dutch maritime and insurance law review Schip & Schade.

She graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Brussels with distinction and obtained a master's degree in musicology from the University of Utrecht. While carving out a career as a harpist and musicologist, Harmke read law at the University of Amsterdam. She successfully completed the Dutch law curriculum, specialising in private law and international trade. Harmke used to work as a professional support lawyer, lecturer and researcher at the University of Amsterdam. She also held the office of secretary of the Financial Services (Insurance) Disciplinary Board and sat on the Financial Services Complaints Tribunal, Kifid.

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  • University of Amsterdam: Faculty of Law 
  • Royal Academy of Music, Brussels
  • University of Utrecht: Musicology