About Jan-Willem Beijk

Jan-Willem Beijk is a tax adviser and partner at AKD. He advises (multi)national businesses, mainly with regard to fiscal optimisation. This means M&A, structuring, private equity, transfer pricing and in and outbound investments, as well as innovation box measures and other measures to encourage innovation.

Jan-Willem is a trusted adviser for many (multi)national businesses. He is able to translate corporate issues, such as growth, innovation and acquisitions, into fiscal opportunities and risks. He is also the point of contact for many companies in dealings with the Tax and Customs Administration. Maintaining a good relationship with the tax authorities often prevents unpleasant surprises.

Jan-Willem combines sound fiscal knowledge with a strong financial insight and the ability to understand what is going on within a company. This enables him to make a creative contribution towards achieving the best results for his clients. He also regularly gives lectures, courses and workshops.

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  • Leiden University - Exec LLM, Executive International & EU tax law
  • Rotterdam School of Management - Topmaster direct EU tax law
  • Leiden University - American tax law
  • Tilburg University - Tax