About Ronald Ermes

Ronald Ermes is Business Adviser at AKD. He provides advice to the organisation on a variety of financial, operational and strategic issues. Ronald focuses on managing projects involving organisational changes, as part of which he works in close collaboration with other business services departments. He also advises AKD's board and practice group heads on credit management matters.

In addition, Ronald is a member of AKD's Sports & Entertainment team. A former professional football player, Ronald has experience playing for several Dutch and foreign clubs. When his playing career ended, he became football manager.

He has since combined his work for AKD with his coaching career. Between his experience in the sports industry, gained over many years, and his specialist, hands-on knowledge, Ronald is an essential asset in AKD's multidisciplinary Sports & Entertainment team.

Ronald has worked for AKD in various roles since 2006.

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