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Stefan van de Sande is a Supreme Court lawyer. He specialises in private law in relation to the public sector and civil procedural law, litigating before district courts and courts of appeal. As a Supreme Court lawyer, Stefan handles appeals to the Supreme Court and issues advice on potential appeals, his focus being on the liability of the government arising out of unlawful government acts.

Stefan has years of experience of dealing with liability claims by (among others) local authorities, provincial governments and water boards, for example in connection with unlawful decisions, the non-fulfilment of commitments, the issuing of incorrect information, late decisions, road authority liability and unlawful endangerment.

Stefan's clients are government and semi-government bodies, companies and private individuals. His clients appreciate his specialist legal knowledge, contextual involvement and practical approach. He responds quickly, advises clearly and leaves no stone unturned.

Stefan is also the author of a dissertation and a large number of academic articles and annotations, including the leading publication entitled the 'Chronicle of Government Liability' [Kroniek overheidsaansprakelijkheid]. Formal legal force is an important theme of his publications.

Stefan's focus on government liability is related mainly to the provision of information, the issuing of notifications and other communication. In 2019 he graduated with a PhD in this field from Radboud University Nijmegen. His dissertation dealt with the issue of when the government is liable for damage - and therefore has to pay compensation - due to the issuing of incorrect and/or incomplete information.

In his practice Stefan also focuses on general and economic administrative law. He litigates and advises on (legal) licences, subsidies, supervision and sanctions (a penalty order or administrative order and fines). This means disputes on the grounds of a municipal by-law, the Government Information (Public Access) Act [Wet openbaarheid van bestuur] (Wob), the Housing Act [Woningwet], the Licensing and Catering Act [Drank en Horecawet], the Roads Act [Wegenwet] and various social security laws. He also advises and litigates regularly regarding disadvantage compensation and planning blight.

Stefan is also often asked to lecture in the field of government liability. He regularly gives courses and lectures on unlawful government acts, for example at government bodies and judicial institutions. Lastly Stefan is a member of the editorial team of the publication entitled the 'Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Bestuursrecht', the editorial board of the AB Rechtspraak Bestuursrecht journal and the VAR Vereniging voor Bestuursrecht.

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