About Thijs Hekman

Thijs Hekman is a Partner at AKD. He has been involved in various high-profile bankruptcy cases, including KPNQwest Finance B.V., the finance company of the KPNQwest group, the Reggehuys-groep and the TAF-groep and funds investing in real estate in Europe. In addition, Thijs regularly acts as an independent receiver in smaller bankruptcy cases.

Thijs advises banks about the law governing attachments and executions, disputes regarding termination of (group) financing, the enforcement of security interests, and disputes regarding several liability. He also represents companies in legal proceedings and advises them about a range of issues in the field of corporate law.

For nearly two years, Thijs has been an in-house advisor for a large credit reference supplier in Amsterdam and has as such gained much experience in translating legal advice into business practices, with the ability to consider commercial interests.

With some regularity, he publishes articles on a corporate law theme.

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More about

  • Thijs  completed the Grotius postacademic study Insolvency law in 2016
  • Groningen University - Private Law and Criminal Law
Admitted to bar
  • The Netherlands
  • Thijs is a member of JIRA, the association of young insolvency lawyers