Dutch government publishes measures to curb nitrogen and PFAS pollution

November 13, 2019 | Blog

At a press conference, the Dutch government presented a set of measures intended to break the licensing impasse affecting the construction and infrastructure industries and tackle the PFAS problem. These measures are set out in a letter (in Dutch) the government sent to the House of Representatives today. Although this letter clarifies the government's direction in seeking solutions to the nitrogen pollution issue, it does not yet allow for any conclusions regarding the question whether in specific cases permits will actually be issued. A lot will be riding on the effects the measures will have in areas and on the wording of the provisions in the bill. The measures are stepping stones on the path to breaking the nitrogen impasse. The government is drafting further measures, some of which aim to improve and bolster nature reserves. The government is collaborating with other parties to tackle the PFAS problem with urgency.

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