Local expertise on a global scale.

The threshold providing access to Dutch legal services tends to be quite high for many Spanish entrepreneurs and investors, the reason being that very few Dutch lawyers have sufficient command of the Spanish language. A good knowledge of Spanish business culture would be a key asset as well, but is often lacking. To lower the threshold, AKD has set up a Spanish Desk, a team of lawyers capable of providing advice on any legal issue in Dutch, English and Spanish. Assistance in cross-border mergers, acquisitions or investments is another service they offer.

AKD has provided legal services and assistance to Spanish companies - from Fortune 500 multinationals to medium-sized enterprises - for over 20 years. Holding structures and active operating companies deploying their activities from the Netherlands also seek our assistance, as do companies wanting to establish operations in the Netherlands.

A full-service firm, AKD will provide advice on any area of law that affects your enterprise in the Netherlands, from corporate law to transport and trade, from maritime law to employment law, and from tax to intellectual property law.

The Spanish Desk team is headed by partner Carlos Pita Cao. Along with partner Laura de Jong, Carlos is AKD's primary contact for clients from Spanish-language regions worldwide. Depending on the areas of law your request for advice relates to, Carlos and Laura assign the right Spanish Desk team member to the job.

Dutch law lies at the basis of all advice provided by our Spanish Desk, but if your problem so requires, we have the benefit of making use of the excellent knowledge provided by peer firms in Spain or we can refer your case to them, should you so wish.

If you need more information about our Spanish Desk or if you are looking for specific legal or tax advice in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact Carlos or Laura. We look forward to welcoming you as a client.

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